What is Tri-Luma?

Tri-Luma® Cream is the only FDA-approved melasma treatment with 3 active ingredients, uniquely combined and more effective than treatments containing only two of the ingredients. 

Tri-Luma® Cream is a unique triple-combination topical therapy for the short-term (8-week ) treatment of the dark spots associated with moderate-to-severe facial melasma.

What to expect from treatment with Tri-Luma® Cream?

Tri-Luma® Cream (fluocinolone acetonide 0.01%, hydroquinone 4%, tretinoin 0.05%) may improve your melasma, but it is not a cure.

In studies, after 8 weeks of treatment with Tri-Luma® Cream, most patients withmoderate-to-severe melasma had at least some improvement. Some had their dark spots clear up completely (38% in one study and 13% in another). In most patients treated with Tri-Luma® Cream, their melasma came back after treatment was discontinued. 

If the underlying causes of melasma—such as the use of certain birth control pills or too much exposure to sunlight—are not removed, melasma will come back when you stop treatment.

For Best Results

Tri-Luma® Cream should always be used in conjunction with sun-avoidance measures, like using sunscreens and wearing protective clothing. Tri-Luma® Cream may improve the appearance of melasma but is not a cure.

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