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If you are in search of a perfect body and came across something called Liposonix, then you are on the right track. The biggest enemy to your fitness especially the perfect body is the fat cells deposited in your abdomen, love handles, buttocks, thigh & calves. There are a lot of non-invasive hi-tech fat busters to kill off those fat cells. Among many of the fat busters, one that stands out for its unique treatment is the Liposonix.


You may wonder what’s so unique about that treatment. It actually uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) that targets fat in the abdomens’ or other fat area’s mid-level layer for destroying the fat and tightening the collagen layer without causing any trauma or burns to the surrounding cells.  The other fat reduction devices that use cold technology cannot target this particular layer nor it can tighten collagen. Another technology called the radiofrequency energy is very much vulnerable to burn your body. This ultrasonic energy is entirely focused on the areas which are 1.3cm beneath the skin surface. The dead fat cells will not be metabolized overnight by your body. This is why it needs a few months to gain the actual results from Liposonix treatment.


Why Liposonix

A patient can lose around 1.5 to 2 inches in waistline after just one treatment, depending on the treated area. This can make a difference to at least one clothing size. Liposonix is commonly used to handle fats around the abdomen area. It does not come with any safety hazard and the Liposonix safety is ensured by the approval of the Food & Drug Administration.

Some may get confused thinking Liposonix to be a weight loss procedure but to clarify them we would like to tell them that you should not expect to lose the weight post-treatment. You should rather remember that this treatment is used to shape your body by targeting specific areas to reduce unwanted fat bulges. It can even be used by the ones having an ideal weight range like a Body Mass Index (BMI) of below 30.
how liposonix works

How Liposonix Works

Liposonix custom contouring means the ability to treat the small pockets of fat, regardless of the area. Other devices that were developed before Liposonix needed a big volume of available fat to be treated. However, the nature of body fat varies from people to people and not everyone has a massive volume of fat available to fit into this kind of devices. To make the fat reduction system a more convenient one the Liposonix comes into play.


Liposonix treatment can be done on any area of fats that have a volume of at least 5cm x 5cm x 2.5cm(equivalent to 1 inch). The critical area like the small stubborn bra-bulges or the underarm fats, all can be effectively treated by Liposonix now. This is even suitable for the fit individuals with the little pockets of fat on the tummy or love handles to get a great contour.

In Liposonix Fat Reduction Treatment 

  1. The High-Intensity Focused Ultrasonic Energy is used to focus on the targeted fat area.
  1. The HIFU generates the heat around 57-degree Celsius to denature the fat underneath without affecting the skin, blood vessels, and nerves.
  1. It needs 3 months to naturally and gradually remove the treated fat to provide you with a nicely contoured body.

The approval of USFDA has also given Liposonix treatment to demonstrate the reliability of this advanced technology in combatting against fat cells.


Liposonix Singapore

Liposonix treatment is getting very popular in Singapore among people suffering from unwanted fat. This treatment in Singapore usually lasts around one hour. Patients can generally continue their daily activities right after this non-surgical procedure as the downtime needed is much less than you may anticipate. Hence, it’s a great option for those who are busy and want to avoid the hassles of going through the surgical process.

Lipsonix Fat Reduction From Head To Toe

The stats show that you need to perform 20,000 crunches to lose 1 pound. You probably do not want to go through such hassles instead an easier option would be to walk into some of the best clinics for Lipsosnix treatment in Singapore like The Knightsbridge Clinic, EHA Clinic, SL Clinic and other prominent ones where you can lie down and be relaxed to get started with the Liposonix to reduce fat in your different body parts.

To get the different body areas to sculpt into your desired shape from head to toe, this incredible non-invasive fat reduction treatment is there to help you a big deal.

Lipsonix fat reduction works on

  • Bra Bulge – You do not want the bra bulge to be sticking out at the side of your sleeveless top, So you should take the help of the Lipsonix treatment to get rid of this.
  • Arms – If you have bigger arms that you want to make slender and slimmer then you need the Lipsonix treatment to help you.
  • Tummy and Love-handles – This is the body part where this advanced device actually shines. Although the results may vary, the clinical studies show that it can help the patients to lose a few centimeters to a couple of inches around the waistline.
  • Buttocks: Not everyone likes to have the Kim Kardashian rear. For them to reduce fat volume in this particular area of your body is important with the Liposonix treatment.
  • Thighs & Calves: To get a slimmer thigh or calve the Liposinix can help you accomplish this goal.

liposonix cost

How much does Liposonix cost?

As it is a sophisticated treatment you may expect the Liposonix cost to be much higher. But the great thing is you cannot term the Liposonix price too costly as it costs much lower compared to its surgical counterparts.

The price of the treatment will vary according to the area you wish to target for the Liposonix treatment and the number of treatments you will need. If you would like to have a slimmer appearance, the treatment will certainly be worth its price.

The cost of Liposonix in Singapore may vary depending upon the area you want to target and the number of treatment you may need. However, a general price point for Liposonix could be like 25 squares on tummy, flanks, and thighs for around SGD 5,000 ( SGD 200/square)


Side effects of Liposonix

Although the Liposonix treatment does not need any use of incisions or anesthesia, there are some reports of side-effects from the patients undergone the Liposonix treatment. One of the most common side effects may include a mild bruising during the early days after the treatment. Apart from that, some other Liposonix side effects may include pain, swelling, and redness.

Suitable candidates for Liposonix

Liposonix is a very sophisticated treatment that does not consider everyone suitable for the treatment. Some of the eligibility criteria for Liposonix includes facts such as the patient needs to be in good health, BMI should be greater than 30, and you should be able to ‘pinch an inch’ of fat in the treatment area.

Limitations of Liposonix

Liposonix treatment also has some limitations that need your attention before you actually decide to undergo this treatment. We mentioned earlier that Liposonix is not for obese patients who have a BMI greater than 30 as it does not really help in weight loss. Another important fact you need to know is that this is not a replacement for the liposuction surgery. Besides these facts, this treatment is not intended for the patients who have a pregnancy,  bleeding disorders on anticoagulants or platelet inhibitors, electrical implants, a hernia, previous lipolysis treatment, and previous liposuction or surgery in the treated area.

You can find out more on Liposonix and what you need to know here



We have tried our best to help you with the important facts about Lipsonix treatment such as Liposonix benefits, Liposonix working procedure, Liposonix treatment area, Liposonix cost, Liposonix candidates, and Liposonix Limitations.

This is a new method that comes with a quick promise for body contouring. The benefits of Liposonix are established by many studies that are also complemented by patients who have achieved good results after undergoing the Liposonix treatment.

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