Liposculpture is a body-shaping procedure performed to remove localised fat deposits.

Liposculpture can treat:
• Saddlebags (hips fat)
• Abdomen (stomach)
• Inner thighs & knees
• Arms
• Neck & back

About Dr Chio’s Liposculpture:
• Performed under Local Anaesthesia
• Patient may return home STRAIGHT after the procedure
• Scars are hidden in the natural creases of the body

In contrast with traditional Liposuction which carries its own risks due to general anaesthesia, Dr Chio’s Liposculpture is performed under LOCAL anaesthesia with the patient awake, though drowsy. Discomfort is also minimized as the area to be treated is completely and thoroughly numbed.

Patient may return home straight after the procedure.

Because the incision marks are hidden in the natural creases of the body, Dr Chio’s Liposculpture leaves no visible scars.


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