Cellublast is a Trademarked Treatment which involves Medical Slimming & Cellulite Blasting

Cellublast is best for:
• Cellulite Blasting
• Elimination of fat
• Skin toning

About Dr Chio’s Cellublast:
• Non surgical procedure
• Minimal downtime
• Localised treatment
• Lasting results

Our trade-marked Treatment Cellublast combines the synergistic effects of Mesotherapy and Endermologie.

Whilst intradermal (deep) Mesotherapy effectively dissolves fats, these must still be eliminated by the body excretory systems. The FDA approved Endermologie treatment improves microcirculation to remove the dissolved fats and oils. By this method body toxins are also removed and the appearance of Cellulite improves.


This globally popular treatment is well established in Europe and America. It originates from France by Dr Michel Pistor.

Dr Chio believes it is important to get back to the source of the treatment and being fluent in French, he has been able to train with the world’s Leading Authority on Mesotherapy, Dr Jacques Le Coz, the colleague of the late founder of Mesotherapy, Dr Michel Pistor.

Mesotherapy is a procedure which involves micro-injection of slimming agents into the middle layer of the skin. This is usually administered to problem areas in the body: ie fat bulges in the belly, love handles, inner thighs or buttocks. Double chin and fatty cheeks can also be treated.


Like Mesotherapy, Endermologie is also a French technique that has gained worldwide acceptance.

True to our philosophy of learning directly from the source, both Dr Chio and his nurse Sophie received first hand training from the head office of LPG Systems in France.

The treatment entails a suction assisted massage that breaks down fat cells and stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation.

As part of Cellublast, Endermologie directly after Mesotherapy optimizes the body elimination of the dissolved fats and improves the appearance of cellulite.


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