Deep Care by Indiba®

I_D_B woman faceDEEP CARE by INDIBA® is the perfect combination for prolonging your natural beauty.


INDIBA®DEEP CARE is a unique and patented radiofrequency, so called Proionic® radiofrequency, which offers pleasant and effective treatments for facial and body enhancements.

What are the main benefits of INDIBA®DEEP CARE treatment?

INDIBA®DEEP CARE re-establishes the microcirculation and improves the oxygen flow within the tissue. This produces a stimulation of the neocollagenesis process at the skin layers.

In addition vasodilation and hyperactivation provide more nutrients to the fibroblasts and increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the two main proteins of the skin.

The INDIBA®DEEP CARE treatment produces an improvement of skin laxity, moisture, smoothness and regeneration.

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Take DEEP CARE of you with INDIBA®

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