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What is Pro Yellow Laser?

The German-engineered Quadrostar Pro Yellow Laser is another version of the commonly used Dual Yellow/Combination laser at some clinics. Due to its specific wavelength of 577nm, the Pro Yellow laser is ideal vascular treatments such as vascular lesion removal and vascular laser for rosacea as well as epidermal pigmentation treatments such as depigmentation of skin. It has been used to target both pigmentation and underlying vessels for good results.


Vascular Lesions (facial/nose veins and blood vessels) are caused by small, dilated capillaries. They can appear as red spots or “veins” on the skin. ProYellow Laser can treat by shrinking the vessels with its yellow light, with no damage to the capillaries.

Redness, cherry angiomas and rosacea – The ProYellow laser effectively reduces the size/or completely eliminates these blood vessels, therefore resulting in reduced redness and a more even complexion.

Pigmentation (melasma, sun/age spots, freckles) – With specific wavelength, energy from the Pro Yellow laser is absorbed by both melanin (pigments) and underlying blood vessels. This results in breaking down pigments and reduces the blood supply to the skin cells that produce these pigments.

Skin Rejuvenation – ProYellow Laser’s energy is absorbed into the skin layer to treat and improve the skin’s support structure, resulting in brighter and even skin tone.

Acne – The yellow light energy from the Pro Yellow laser treats acne caused by P.acne bacteria by killing these bacteria, and at the same time reduces redness caused by inflammation, thus a laser treatment for acne. The Pro Yellow laser also shrink sebaceous glands.

Acne Red marks – These red marks are also known as PIE (Post- inflammatory Erythema). The red marks formed due to increased blood circulation at badly inflamed areas such as moderate to severe acne and persist even after the acne heals. The ProYellow laser can very effectively reduce these red marks by reducing the blood vessels in these areas.

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