Tattoo Removal



People apply tattoos to enhance their eyebrows or apply a chosen design on their body. After an accident, it is also possible to leave a traumatic tattoo.

Lasers help to permanently and precisely reduce and remove ink tattoos on the face and body while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected.

The tattoo ink absorbs the laser light energy causing it to fragment into tiny particles which are then excreted by the body.

During treatment, the areas are numbed with an anaesthetic cream. For large tattoos, it may be necessary to numb the area with an injected local anaesthetic.

Compared to the discomfort when the tattoos were first done, all patients feel that laser removal is so much more comfortable.

The number of sessions depend on the different areas and tattoo types: eyebrow tattoos (1-2 treatments), amateur tattoos (4-5 treatments) and professional tattoos (6-8 treatments).

The treated areas heal in 7-10 days and sessions are repeated at 6 week intervals.


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