Permanent Hair Removal


This is the permanent removal and reduction of unwanted facial and body hair. All skin types can benefit from this therapy although best results are seen with darker hair. This is because the darker hair follicle (roots) absorb the laser/light energy better.

Areas commonly treated include:
• Upper lip and Chin
• Sideburns
• Armpits and forearms
• Bikini area
• Legs

Using the latest light/laser technology, the hair follicle are precisely targeted and destroyed to prevent hair re-growth. Anaesthesia is usually not necessary although some patients apply an anaesthetic cream. Depending on the area size to be treated, sessions can vary from 15 minutes to an hour.

Post-treatment, there may be a slight redness of the hair follicles which subside quickly after ice application within an hour. Most patients require 3-6 sessions at 4-6 weekly intervals for complete and thorough hair removal.

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