Laser Skin Resurfacing


This uses erbium laser technology to remove the superficial layers of the skin while stimulating collagen regeneration deeper in the skin. Used for correcting the ravages of time in the aged face or deep scars from acne and chickenpox, patients experience dramatic improvement in a single session.

For comfort during the procedure, patients are lightly sedated and local anaesthetic cream or nerve blocks applied. There is a popping sound and some smoke from removal of the damaged skin layers. Patients feel mild discomfort but no pain.

Post treatment, there would be some mild swelling, skin peeling and redness but full recovery occurs by 1 week to 10 days. Patients must avoid the sun during this period.

Besides the immediate and impressive smoothening of skin defects after recovery, patients should realise that formation of new collagen and continual improvement occurs up to 1 year after a single treatment.

Most patients are satisfied after a single treatment session but for additional improvements, annual sessions can be done.

Before                                                       After

Before                                                       After

Before                                                    After

Before                                       After

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