Intense Pulsed Light



This is a non-invasive treatment using intense pulsed light beams. As compared to lasers which are only at a “fixed channel “(wavelength), the light beams cover a “range of channels (a band). This band of light is able to perform a broad range of functions:


Besides the face, other commonly treated areas are the neck and arm areas.

Chilled gel is applied to the area before light pulses are applied. The patient eyes are covered with protective goggles.

Post treatment, there is an immediate glow to the skin as collagen is stimulated and blood flow is encouraged. Brown spots darken and then disappear after a week to 10 days. Patients should avoid direct sunlight just before and after the treatment.

Improvements are steady and cumulative. Initially, monthly to twice monthly treatments produce the fastest results. Maintenance treatments can be performed very 2 months.

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