BB Laser


As  covered  by  BB  cream…

Clean  and  Perfect  Skin  Brightening  LASER  LAVIEEN!


What is BB Laser?

Lavieen surgery notion meaning that skin becomes clear as covered by BB cream. Lavieen come from “La vie en rose”, in French is a name of laser equipment meaning that it brings pure and clean skin which is all women’s hope.


The reason why Lavieen, BB laser is good

  • Curing the intractable pigment which cannot be improved through several times of Laser toning or IPL
  • Brightening effect of whole face as well as pigment treatment
  • Pigment Treatment and improvement of Hair Follicle, Winkle, and Elasticity simultaneously
  • Lesser down time compared to general fractional laser
  • Almost no side effects as a Non-Peeling Laser
  • Perfect effect with one time treatment


Principle of Treatment

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Process of Treatment

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Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 7.13.51 PM

Result of Treatment

The  Day  of  Treatment– Redness,  Slight  Swelling  Accompanied 

There  are  individual  differences  depending  on  the  intensity  of  treatment  energy  and  skin  but  for  2  to  3  hours,  hot  flushes  occurs  which  may  sustain  until  next  day  of  treatment.

The  Day  After  Treatment- Scab  Formation 

Scab  starts  to  appear  as  a  step  of  skin  regeneration  and  due  to  that, face  looks  dark  and  surface  of  the  skin  becomes  rough.

3  Days  After  Procedure- Elimination  of  Scab 

Scab  starts  to  naturally  detach.  Depending  on  treatment  energy and  intensity,  there  might  be  individual  differences.

5  days  after  procedure- Complete  treatment 

All  of  scabs  would  detach  from  the  area  of  treatment  so  you  can  find  improved  skin  where  the  pigment  lesion,  wrinkle, and  hair  follicle  are  improved.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments do I need?

Unlike other lasers that need more than 3 treatments at 3-4 weeks interval, BB laser brings excellent result with only a single treatment.

Is this treatment suitable for sensitive skin?

Patients with sensitive skin are able to get treatment with no worry of side effect due to the adjustment of pulse repetition and duration.

Will Lavieen be effective for fine wrinkles and enlarged pores?

Lavieen’s unique wavelength allows it to be an effective treatment for pigment as well as fine wrinkles and enlarged pores.

Is the treatment painful?

Treatment is well tolerated. A topical aesthetic cream is applied prior to treatment to allay any discomfort.

How soon can I see the result?

Visible result ca be seen in 1-2 weeks after treatment.

Is there any special precautions to take after treatment?

It is advisable to apply moisturising cream and sunblock after the treatment as your skin might be dry. You may apply make-up when fine pinpoint micro-crusting develops 2-3 days after the treatment.



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