Starting from the puberty years, acne and its complications can scar the face and lead to a lack of confidence. Acne can appear not just on the face but also on the neck, chest back and upper body.

In some patients, acne can suddenly appear in a severe form after an absence of many years and in some cases, even decades.

The causes of acne are many and include genetics, increased stress, hormone imbalances, food allergies, a poor diet and bowel function, lack of sleep and an unhealthy lifestyle and sensitivity to skin care products.

Acne sufferers generally also have large open pores and scars and marks from previous acne.

As the causes of acne are so many, the most effective strategy is to treat from the OUTSIDE IN and from the INSIDE OUT.


With such a comprehensive holistic approach, old scars can be erased and the tendency to grow new Acne drastically reduced.

Make that decision to have blemish-free skin today !


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