1428Duo Lifting is non-surgical face and body lifting by absorbable PDO (polydioxanone) activating cell tissue regeneration and stimulating collagen production.

Duo lifting is the resolution for the saggy skin and wrinkles including collagen remodeling and elastin regeneration by inserting harmless thread into the skin.


Duo Lifting is an innovative and effective lifting that reduce pain and side effects from the procedure. Duo Lifting is the combination of Duo Standard thread which performs its role as lifting and Duo Clutch which strongly holds the skin.


For whom do we recommend the Duo Lifting therapy?

  • For those middle-aged who have a fear from surgical interventions and who would like to prevent possible facial plastic surgeries
  • For those who would like to get rid of sagging facial features without surgeries
  • For those who have a desire for firm facial contours and narrower chin line
  • For those who want to correct asymmetrical facial features, for instance eyebrow correction
  • For those young persons who have genetically loose connective tissues resulting in facial sagging
  • For those who want to remove facial wrinkles and make narrow & slim jawline.
  • For those who have furrows that cannot be improved even by Botox.
  • For those who have the fear about getting surgery and its pain.
  • For those who want to come back to daily life faster by a quick surgery.
  • For those who wish to get more remarkable effects than the one from existing way

Which areas can be treated with Duo Lifting?


  • whole face
  • eyebrow lifting
  • forehead
  • cheeks
  • nasolabial fold
  • lower facial region
  • sagging skin underneath the chin
  • neck


Use of the advanced concept technology on the thread, Duo Clutch with duplex Cogs, makes it significantly different from any other existing threads. It dramatically enhances the fixing effect of lifted skin and minimizes pains and side effects from the treatment.





How is all this achieved?

During Duo Lifting therapy performed with fine thread technique, we insert so-called Cog bio-absorbable threads into the skin. There are tiny clamps which are able to attach to tissues and fix the position of the sagged facial regions. These threads boost collagen production, stimuli local micro circulation, regenerating processes and elastin production. Threads will be absorbed within 6 months, but the long term effect can last for 1.5-2 years. How is this possible? During the absorption period the dermis strengthens as a result of which skin and connective tissues become firm thus enhancing the lifting effect on long term, even after the threads were absorbed.

The treatment is performed under local anesthesia Treatment of smaller facial regions takes 15-30 minutes, but therapy of larger areas may last for an hour

Why do we recommend Duo Lifting therapy for you?

  • With the help of this intervention sagging facial areas can be lifted by 1-2cm so this way you can regain your youthful facial features.
  • The treatment makes your skin firm, fresh and free from wrinkles.
  • Short recovery period, you can continue your daily routine 24-48 hours after the intervention.
  • Long term effect: it may last for 1.5-2 years.
  • Safe method as risk of development of infections and experiencing side effects is minimal


  • The patented Duo Lifting with strong cogs produces better results.
  • Allows patients to return to daily life immediately after the procedure with non-surgical treatment.
  • Reduces side effects with the aid of special cogs of Duo Clutch.
  • Approximately 30 minutes procedure time.
  • Less swelling & Less bruising.

What happens after the intervention?

After the treatment mild swelling, redness of the skin, maybe minimal haematoma can occur which will cease within a short period of time. The treated area should be protected from physical impacts, light and heat during the two weeks following the intervention.

Q & A

Curious about Duo Lifting?

Q : How will the threads become in the future?

It is harmless to body and absorbed in the skin after 6 months from the surgery, and you will have no feeling of irritation.

 Q : How much the skin will be swollen up after surgery?

There would be few swelling since it uses the specifically designed threads, Clutch.

 Q : How long will the results last?

The threads will be melted in 6 months but cause fibrosis progression in dermis. This also enhances lifting effects by skin tightening.

 Q : How long the procedure will be taken?

It is different by which area will be treated, but takes short times from 15 to 30 minutes.

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