Nutritional Therapy



“Let food be your medicine” – Hippocrates, father of modern medicine

Nutritional Therapy slows the aging process by using food and supplements to:
• Fight free-radical damage
• Correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies
• Restore healthy digestion for better nutrient absorption
• Prevent degenerative diseases that frequently come with ageing

The principles of the Best Anti-aging diet is one that balances protein, fruits and vegetables, and good fats in proper proportions and one that is high in whole foods and low in processed foods.

Food allergies are a common finding in un-healthy and prematurely aged patients. (see Allergy section in Dermatology).

While eating healthily is essential, the stresses of modern living and a hectic lifestyle means that taking medical grade supplements ensures optimal dosages of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants etc. These assist the body in maintaining an effective immune system and for optimal hormone production.

Furthermore, in certain classes of patients e.g. breast cancer survivors require more cruciferous vegetables but it is impractical and also monotonous to eat such vegetables on a daily basis.

Customized treatment packages

• Individual assessment
• Dietary and nutritional advice
• Guidance on methods to support digestion and absorption
• Tips to avoid ingestion or inhalation of allergens or toxins
• Tailored vitamin & supplement Packages to re-vitalize


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