Welcome to the Anti-Ageing Revolution !

The degeneration and decline that was previously thought of as an inevitable part of growing old can now largely be prevented or remedied.

Because it is such a new concept, below are the questions that Dr Chio is frequently asked by patients.

1. What is Anti-ageing medicine?

The key concept is to fine-tune a person’s health such that their biological age is below their chronological age.
Expressed in a different way, it is to make them look and function younger than the age stated on their passports!

2. Is this truly possible? “I always thought that genes play the major role.”

Anti-aging is the art and science of maturing gracefully, to enable one to maintain the physical strength and mental functioning of their younger days.
While no one doubts the importance of genetics, the explosion of medical knowledge means that we are able to test and then treat many of the conditions that were previously thought to be inherited and therefore un-treatable.
Also, it is now known that genes influence but do not PRE-DETERMINE many health outcomes.

3. What are the major approaches to treatment?

Dr Chio’s philosophy is to treat not only the symptoms of poor health and accelerated ageing but the root cause. The cornerstones of treatment is a personally tailored programme of nutritional therapy and natural hormone balancing. These will help to relieve many of the symptoms of accelerated ageing such as poor digestion, chronic fatigue, reduced libido (sex drive), insomnia, weight gain and an aged appearance.

4. I do not like to take medicines in pill, tablet or injections. Can I still be on an anti-aging program?

The success of any program is evaluation and constant assessment and review. If a patient wants to “naturally” anti-age, we can design a programme that will minimize the medications BUT he has to be very disciplined about his lifestyle habits. Some patients are eager to take on this challenge whilst others would rather combine approaches.

Further, many of the medicine are dispensed in Lozenges form or in cream form. This not only increases compliance but can also reach the target organ tissues without being altered or degraded by the digestive system.

5. What can I expect at my first visit?

At your first visit, you will be asked to complete a detailed lifestyle questionnaire.
Studies include a food diary, eating and digestion habits, personal emotions, stress levels and bowel function. This detailed information is essential as part of your diagnosis.
Laboratory tests that are required would generally be blood, urine and/or saliva tests.
As part of your general health assessment a basic radiology test will also be arranged. Results from these tests may take from 3 to 14 days to be returned, depending on the type of tests. You will be asked to return for a further consultation and treatment discussion.

6. What about follow up?

Following your initial screening and diagnosis, follow up visits are monthly until symptoms are stable. Thereafter, hormone tests are repeated every 3-6 months and general consultations conducted every 6-9 months. Full screening is advised on a yearly basis.
The advances in anti-ageing medicine make it possible to diagnose and correct many of the ageing decline at an earlier stage.
This is in turn prevents the development of degenerative disorders (e.g. arthritis, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease) and even cancers.
So, take the first step and feel healthy and young again !

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