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You’ve lost it! Now use it!

More and more patients are discovering the usefulness of the fat removed during Liposculpture. Rather than being thrown away, these can be used back in the body in areas which are lacking in it.

In many ways fat is the ideal “filling material” as it is:
• Completely biologically compatible with no risk of rejection
• Completely natural in “feel and touch” to normal body tissue. It develops together with the body in tandem once it has been incorporated
• NOT just a biologically “inert” filling substance but secretes growth factors and modulates hormones to CONTINUOUSLY ANTI-AGE from the inside
• Excess fat extracted can be frozen and studies have shown viability of up to 1 year. For a nominal fee, the frozen fat can be defrosted and re-injected as the need arises.

Fat transfer has been an established technique for a long time. Previously, it has not achieved widespread popularity because of inconsistent survival rates.

No Longer!

The latest cutting-edge technology has enabled a comprehensive closed loop surgery under sterile conditions to produce highly concentrated “pure fat cells”.

This high quality fat concentrate also contains 1-2 million fat stem cells per millilitre.

These factors are the key to high fat graft survival rate of 70 to 90%.


Sunken Eyes with Dark Circles (Ageing)

Sunken lower eyelids with with dark eye circles are a very common problem. Sometimes, they can also be the result of over-aggressive eyelid surgery with removal of too much fat. Synthetic fillers can also be used to correct the volume but unlike fat, this is temporary.

The filled up lower eyelids reflect instead of trapping light, correcting the dark eye circle.


An often neglected area are the hands. Frequently, even with a rejuvenated face, the hands can be a dead give-away of a person’s true age.

The volume restored by the fat graft makes the veins and tendons “disappear”, truly making the hand fit for beautiful jewellery!