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GLOW with Confidence & Assurance

Oral sun protectant + Antioxidant = Combination that reduces UV Damage

  • Lightens and even out skin tone by reducing melanin production
  • Useful in reducing aging skin


GLOW Capsules Flyer (2)-1


Vitamin A Eye Gel

1 oz / 30 g
Product Description:
This eye gel minimizes appearance of fine lines with continued use. The calming and non-irritating gel helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. It also helps improve elasticity and restores clarity and tone. Suitable on sensitive skin around the eyes, it contains encapsulated Vitamin A and is suitable for all skin types.


15502809_120300001119913950_238288960_oOrange Removing-Cleansing Milk
6 fl. oz / 177 ml
Product Description:
A mild moisturizing cleanser-remover designed to gently wash away impurities while providing the valuable nutrients necessary to maintain soft beautiful skin. Natural orange aromatics and mild surfactants make this pH-balanced formula beneficial for all skin types. Also an excellent make-up remover that can remove foundation, camouflage cosmetics and eye make-up.



Cleanses and exfoliates in one easy step, its light foaming action helps lather soothingly without causing irritation, while the self-adjusting crystals dissolve slowly to prevent over-exfoliation.

These crystals too, work gently to remove dead skin cells, revealing new, healthier and more radiant looking skin. Microdermabrasion Facial Cleanser with Self-Adjusting Crystals helps cleanse away excess oils, other impurities and even makeup, and is gentle enough for daily use.