Face Lifting

This is a non-surgical means of lifting the facial tissue using a variety of threads that produces a natural looking yet impressive lift. It leaves no scars and is performed with minimal discomfort and downtime. In fact, using light sedation, most patients are asleep during the procedure!

The threads are able to:
• Lift and tighten the brow, face and neck in people with sagging skin
• Beautify an ageing jawline
• Correct turkey neck (sagging skin under the neck)
• Droopy eyelids
• Enhance the chin
• Refine the nose tip

There are a variety of threads and different techniques depending on the preference of the patient and the problems being treated. There are threads which persists and forms a continual “scaffolding” for the loose tissues to rest on. And there are others which completely are absorbed after one year: by this time, the tightened facial tissues would have stabilized.

There are some methods which would not even require any entry points on the face at all. In this case, the loose facial tissue is lifted by gathering the connecting layer on the scalp. After a few weeks, the entry points on the scalp would have completely disappeared and even the patient’s hairdresser would have difficulty locating them!

Dr Chio will listen carefully to the goals and concerns of the patient and decide on the best option to suit the patient’s needs.

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