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drDr Roy Chio’s Profile (中文版)

Graduating from the U.K. in 1998, Dr Roy Chio did internships in Internal Cardiology, Plastic and General Surgery in England.

After treating patients with medicines, interventional procedures and surgery, Dr Chio is a firm believer in preventive medicine. He regards unmanaged ageing to be responsible for the majority of age-related degenerative disorders. When optimal health and vitality has been restored it is only natural for patients to want to look their best too.

Dr Chio has trained with some of the world’s most prominent anti-ageing and aesthetic practitioners to hone and perfect his skills. Being fluent in French, he is able to achieve a comprehensive and in-depth mastery of many of the techniques and methods that were pioneered in France.


• MBBS (U.K.)
• Diploma in Anti-Ageing Medicine American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (USA)
• Diploma in Dermatology (Singapore)

Membership of Professional Organisations

• International Society of Dermatologic Surgery
• American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
• American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
• Society of Integrative Medicine
• Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine

Dr Chio travels around the region to attend conferences and also to import his expertise. He has been appointed as a “Liposuction Trainer and Pioneer in East Asia”. In addition, he has been featured in the media and on radio programmes such as “Today in Singapore” and “Gold 90.5 FM”! He also conducts public forums and seminars to educate people on various aspects of anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine.

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