Breast Fillers



The traditional way of augmenting the breasts have been through implants eg silicone or saline. For patients who want many cup size improvements, this can be one solution although it has many disadvantages:
• It can give an un-natural look or feel
• There is a definite surgical scar either in the armpit or around the nipplesThere is a definite surgical scar either in the armpit or around the nipples
• Long down-time and post-operation recovery, taking you away from work, family or leisure activities
• Possible post-surgical complications eg capsulitis (implant hardening) or silicone leakage with trauma

Fat transfer to the breast can benefit many groups of patients:
• Those with saggy breasts with volume loss after pregnancy
• Those who have always been “size-challenged”
• Those with already some assets but who would like to maximize them to “cover-girl” looks

Fat transfer to breasts has many advantages over implants:
• It is natural and feels good. There is no risk of hardening (capsulitis) compared with implants.
• No risk of leakage of implant contents (eg silicone)
• No need for incision, only injections with blunt needles to transplant the fat.

Before                                                   After

After 350cc fat transplanted each side

Before                                                  After

This lady has always been size-challenged (notice the visible ribs). She requested maximal improvement so that she can wear low cut blouses to showcase a great cleavage, something she could never have done previously!

Before                                                      After

Before                                                      After

This lady is a working full-time professional who attends many meetings and conferences. She wants to project a professional image so excessive volume would not be recommended. This is the result after 75cc of fat transplanted to each side.

She is now able to confidently wear business suits whilst still maintaining a graceful feminine profile.

European Filler

In some cases, there are some ladies who do not have sufficient fat for their desired size increase or who only want Breast augmentation without another procedure (Fat extraction and harvesting).

Dr Chio uses a CE-approved (European) filler which is safe and has a natural feel. The filler is injected using small needles under the breast, thus not leaving any surgical scars.

Other advantages are detailed below:
• Minimally invasive with minimal discomfort! Can be a true “lunch-time” procedure though patients generally take the afternoon off! For additional comfort, light intravenous sedation is normally provided.
• The CE-approved filler is long-lasting (3-5 years) and unlike an implant which is in a bag (capsule), can be shaped to an aesthetic shape and feel.
• The material is injected behind the breasts and therefore does not affect the anatomy or cellular structure of the breast tissue.

Patient 1

Before                                                      After

Before                                                      After

This is the result after 100cc per side. Notice the greatly improved forward breast projection and the filling up of the “depression” on the sides. The results are spectacular but natural.

Patient 2

Before                                                      After

Before                                                      After

Before                                                      After

After 100cc of Breast Filler, there has been a 1 cup size increase. Furthermore, there has been a notable “lift” and obvious improvement of cleavage.