Omnilux Light Treatment


What is Omnilux Light Treatment?

Omnilux is a multifaceted non-invasive revolutionary light therapy treatment. Omnilux facial treatments can reduce pore size, improve the health and vibrancy of the skin, remove bacteria which causes redness and inflammation in acne prone skin and can promote healing for damaged or compromised skin.

Omnilux light treatment delivers pure narrow-band light via a matrix of LED’s carefully positioned to ensure uniform beam.  The light stimulates cellular activity, collagen production and increases blood flow to the skin.  Skin is left feeling plumped, tighter and radiant. Even after the first session you will notice results but for optimal results we suggest a series of treatments in succession.

Omnilux is a fast effective add on to any facial or peel and most importantly requires no downtime and a total of 20 minutes for a full treatment session.  There is no surface damage to the skin – completely non-ablative – no downtime required!  An Omnilux session is a wonderful accompaniment to any facial for an extra skin boost or wow factor.

Omnilux treatments come in a selection of various light colors for specific treatment focus:

slide1Omnilux BLUE

For acne prone skin Omnilux blue light therapy targets bacteria, inflammation and excess sebum production.  This blue light treatment will neutralise bacteria and reduce inflammation in active acne presentation on the skin.  Omnilux Blue can be used for mild to moderate acne in combination with other light colours.

Omnilux Revive RED

Helps to stimulate cellular activity, stimulate moisture into the skin and adds volume, leaving it hydrated, tightened and rejuvenated.  This light will reduce pore size and is particularly effective at reducing periorbital wrinkles and fine lines. Ideal as an add on to boost a facial, peel or injectable treatment.

Omnilux Plus YELLOW

Rebuilds and strengthens tissue at a deeper level leading to a softening of fines and triggering the healing process of the skin.  Great for post-operative patients, scars or healing bruises.  Used on our post-operative patients.  For deep dermal stimulation.

The Advantages of Omnilux Therapy

• Stimulates the bodies own cellular mechanisms by photomodulation
• not a laser or an IPL so no heat, no side effects or downtime
• Non-invasive, non-ablative safe therapy
• No damage to sub-dermal tissue
• Relaxing and calming experience
• Compatible with existing skin rejuvenation techniques such as Botox, IPLs, laser resurfacing and cosmetic surgery such as blepharoplasty and breast reduction and augmentation
• Allows treatment of large areas such as the face and chest
• Simple to operate
• Economically viable

What to Expect?

An Omnilux Light Therapy treatment is a truly relaxing 20-minute experience which involves lying down comfortably underneath the light, which can be shaped to the contour of a specific area, for more targeted treatments.

Are there any Side Effects?

So far, there have been no reported side effects. The light source from Omnilux does not contain harmful UVA (ultraviolet rays) or UVB (another type of ultraviolet rays) hence, cannot damage your skin.

How long will Results Last?

Long-lasting results depend on the persons skin type and lifestyle and whether you have combined Omnilux with other treatments such as microdermabrasion, fillers, IPL The reason for this is that the light therapy continues to stimulate the skin hence being able to improve the appearance of your skin for up to four to six months after the initial treatment.

Is this Treatment Painful?

The session feels warm, relaxing and virtually painless.

When can I see Results?

Majority of clients will feel an immediate effect with skin looking clearer, brighter and smoother, but every client is different – the length of the course and individual skin type and texture will determine the overall results. Successive course of treatments is KEY to ensuring you get the best possible results.

What must I do after each Omnilux Phototherapy?

Use a sunscreen daily and continue with your skin care regime. Make-up can be reapplied right after treatment.

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